Spring Walks

Mossley Mill

During the Spring/Summer, I love to go for long walks and explore where I live in which it’s near an old mill that was used to produce flax and local cotton back in the 1700’s. However since then it has had a whole new restoration, being turned into a museum which you can see the history of the war back in the early 1900’s, it even had a whole part which was dedicated Anne Frank.

 It has some amazing views looking out onto the lake during spring, you can see the local wildlife like the ducks and the swans with the occasional siting of different birds aswell.

Theatre at the Mill

During the restoration it also included creating a theatre at the mill which is where you can see the finest arts and entertainment. You will find a mixture of live performances of musicals, concerts, drama and so much more for everyone to enjoy.  However at night when all the lights are on outside, it really highlights the work that has been put into the restoration and it’s an amazing theatre would highly recommend!


This is one of the photos I took when I was out for a walk the other week of two swans which are there near enough every single day.  Swans are graceful and are one of the many calmest creatures and when two swans are together it is a sign of true love.


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