Sunny Saturday

Today’s weather is amazing outside compared to what it’s normally like in the UK (every day is a rainy day). Another place where I love to go to in the spring/summer is the beach with my dog, Chelsea.

Enlight1She is a 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is so spoilt, but I suppose most dogs are haha. I have had her since she was 5 weeks old in which her mother had rejected her when feeding, up until she was 2 years old she had to be fed with a bottle. However she loves getting out for walks anywhere really, but her favourite place is the beach. IMG_2353The views down at the beach are amazing, you can look out onto the sea and see the sun shining bright but also it makes you appreciate the weather while it lasts. With the strong sea smell it helps clear your head if you have a cold or anything but also makes you feel relaxed.

The thing with Chelsea is that when she is in the car, she realises where she is going even though she’s a few minutes away I think its because she’s able to smell the sea air haha. She sits with her head to the side and looks at me with them eyes of hers which you cant help but melt into.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day whatever you are doing! 🙂


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