Current Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone! 🙂

I thought I would share with you all what my current skincare routine is at the minute. When it comes to putting any makeup on, it’s important that you have a skincare routine which suits what ever skin type you have and for me, it has taken a while to find products which suit my skin type and work well, however I have found my every day skincare routine.


My skin type would be quite dry and sensitive with the occasional breakout and I have found that the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has helped my skin so much. Not only is it gentle on the skin but it is full of natural ingredients as mentioned in my ‘current favourites post’,  but also it doesn’t dry out my skin however I think this cleanser it suitable for any skin type.

IMG_2474.JPGOn the days I wear makeup, I sometimes would like to go in first with a makeup wipe to take the first layer of makeup off. The wipes which I have been loving for the past few weeks have been the Nivea Creme Care Cleansing Wipes, compared to other wipes I have tried previously these feel really soft and easily take makeup off without irritating or drying out my skin.

Once I have cleansed my skin,  I like to go in with the skin tonic from the same range which yet again it is packed with natural ingredients which don’t irritate the skin what so ever. I put it onto a few cotton pads and gently wipe my face which helps tone the skin, on the plus side though the scent of it smells amazing which I love.

After I let my skin rest for about 5 minutes, I like to go in with my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream which I mentioned in my current favourites post. I like to apply a small dot on my forehead, chin, cheeks and my neck in which a little bit goes a long way however you can apply it as much as you want on any specific areas. What this does is lock in the moisture in my skin but at the same time it does not feel heavy what so ever which is what I love about it.



Last but not least in my routine, I like to go in with a hydrating eye cream and currently I am loving the one from Benefit. With this eye cream, it has helped not only to reduce the darkness but to help hydrate the under eye area since it is very delicate. All I use is a pea size amount which is more than enough and using my ring finger, I pat it gently under my eyes which also helps the blood circulate around the area aswell,

And that is all the products I like to use in my skin routine, I hope this helps anyone who is just starting out with skincare and also let me know in the comments what your favourite skin care products are 🙂

Gemma x


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