EveryDay Makeup Routine

Hello Everyone! 🙂

I thought I would share with you all what my everyday makeup routine is currently. As I mentioned in my Current Skincare Routine, having a good skincare routine is important before putting any makeup on as your skin needs to be prepared. Since I started using makeup, I have used so many different products however I have found a makeup routine which suits me and my skin type.


For my normal everyday routine, it would take me around 15 minutes to get ready however if I was in a rush to go out the door then I would cut back on the number of products I would use.

Base Products


For primers I like to use two different ones, so I would use one for my t-zone area and one for the rest of my face, but if I was in a rush I would only use the one. I love using the Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimising Primer for my t-zone because the pores in this area tend to be big and it helps to smooth over them, on the plus side a little bit goes a long way with it.

The Becca Backlight Priming Filter has been a recent discovery of mine in which I have only been using it for the last few weeks and I love using this on the rest of my skin mainly because it gives such a nice healthy glow which is good for anyone who has dry skin, however you can also wear this on it’s own aswell if you have really good skin which if you do, you are so lucky.


For an everyday foundation, I don’t like one that is too heavy on my skin but at the same time I want it to hydrate it, my recent discovery has been the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation from Benefit.  It gives a medium coverage but it is build-able in which I have been using this for the last few weeks on my skin with the the two primers and it gives my skin such a nice glow which is one of the thing I love about it.

Concealer wise I have been using the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer which has been talked about in the beauty community a lot which I understand why because it is full coverage and you can use it to cover any darkness under your eyes or any blemishes.  For setting everything into place I like using either the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder or another recent discovery which is the powder version of the Benefit Foundation  mentioned previously, it adds more coverage to my skin.


To add a bit of colour and dimension to my skin I love to use the Hoola Bronzer from Benefit which helps me look less like casper since I am quite pale haha and it is also one of the many cult classics in the beauty community. Highlighter I either like to use the Becca Moonstoon highligther which I have talked about before or the Mac Hush cream colour base which is another recent discovery of mine in which it gives a natural glow to the skin aswell.


Normally for my eyebrows I would use a few different products, however I currently use the Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Chocolate to fill them in lightly and then over the top I would use the Benefit Gimme Brow which I love so much! You can use it by itself which is good if you are in a rush or use it to set your eyebrows in place, with the size of the product it makes it ideal for travelling.

For my eyes I wouldn’t do a lot, I just use my Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara  but If I wanted to add something more I would use the bronzer in my crease and the highlighter in my inner corners that would be it. However if it was for a special occasion like a wedding or a dinner, then I would add a bit more to my eyes.

That is my current everyday makeup routine 🙂 hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know in the comments if you want me to do a post on dupes of the products or what your routine is.

Hope Everyone has a Good Easter 🙂

Gemma x


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