Netflix Favourites!

Hello Everyone!

Near enough everyone loves Netflix and I am myself a Netflix lover if I am honest. It is so easy to get addicted to tv shows/movies on there and binge watch them. So I thought I would share with you all what my favourites are to watch on Netflix 🙂

1, Ru Pauls Drag Race

This series is basically where 12 drag queens compete to be Americas next drag superstar, there are 9 seasons in total with season 9 currently running but I have been hooked to it ever since I started watching it recently.  Ru Paul is hilarious and the things he comes with crack me up, especially with the other judges on the show and how they all get on together.

2. Gotham

This show is about a rising detective called Jim Gordon who lives in a corrupt Gotham City in which his father was a very successful district attorney. However Jim wants to prove himself and help make Gotham safe again with his partner Harvey Bullock. When they take on a high profile case, Jim becomes friends with Bruce Wayne. If you love DC comics then you will love this!

3. Stranger Things

Based in a small Indiana town in the 1980’s, Joyce Byers is a single mother with two sons Will and Jonathan. When Will goes missing she starts an investigation into his disappearance with help from the local authorities. As the investigation goes deeper, a series of extraordinary mysteries are unraveled, to do with super natural forces, secret government experiments and a little girl who is quite unusual. If you are into sci-fi tv shows and mysteries then you will love this!

4. Grace and Frankie

When two rival women who are retired find out their husbands have been having an affair for years and have fell in love, their world is turned upside down.With everything coming apart they realise that they can only rely on one another and this has meant that they have to live together in a beach house which isn’t far from where their ex husbands live.  If you love comedies with a bit of drama then you should give it a watch.

5. Bates Motel

Based on the Pscycho movies, this series is a prequel to the movies in which it follows Norma Bates who purchases a motel in the town of White Pine Bay with her son Norman to get a fresh start after her husband died. The son is shy at first and with having  a close relationship with his mother he starts opening up to others and makes new friends. However a few locals aren’t that friendly when the Bates move in and because White Pine Bay isn’t that peaceful, they have to do what it takes to survive.

These are all of my current favourite shows to watch on Netflix, let me know in the comments what your favourite shows are as I would love to know! ❤

Gemma x


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