Pamper Routine

Hello Everyone 🙂

Todays post is going to be on my Pamper Routine which there are times when I find it hard to get time for a pamper with either having work or revising for exams. However pamper nights are the best whether you have had a stressful day or perhaps you have a few hours to yourself.


The first thing I love to do firstly is take all my makeup off which recently I have been loving using the Nivea Micellar Water aswell as the Nivea Wipes which I mentioned before. I get two cotton pads and put a bit onto them and gently wipe all my makeup off which I like to go in a second time to make sure all the makeup is off.

Once I get all my makeup off I then like to run myself a bath and light a few candles as this helps me to relax. Recently I have been using the Blueberry Bath and Shower Gel in the bath and as a body wash, however I love my Laura Mercier Honey Bath so much it smells amazing. For a pamper night you can’t go wrong with a face mask which I use the Body Shop Honey Mask which I leave on for 15 minutes as I am in the bath.

When I get out of the bath I like to rinse off the face mask with warm water and then pat my face dry with a towel, I then go in with my recent favourite Liz Earle Spritzer which I love so much especially the smell of it. Following after I then apply my night cream which has currently been the Nivea Sensitive Night Cream which feels so nice and moisturising on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft.


Now that I done all of that, I like to moisturise my body which I have been loving the Garnier Olive Oil Body Lotion which smells amazing and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy which a few lotions I have tried tend to do. I then get into my jammies which I sometimes wear night shirts but most of the time I wear jersey material ones.

What I also love to do is pamper my feet which I use the Micropedi to get rid of any dryness on my feet which once I do this I either go in with a body butter or foot cream and massage it into my feet which to help lock the moisture in I tend to put a pair of cosy socks on which to be honest you cant go wrong with and finally when I go to bed I like to either read a book or catch up on any YouTube Videos I have missed.

Thank You for reading, let me know what your pamper routine is as I would love to know 🙂

Gemma x


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