Favourite Brushes

Being a lover of all things makeup, I have gathered a lot makeup brushes which I am starting to run out of room for them haha. Anyway I thought I would share with you all what my favourite brushes are for the likes of foundation, concealer etc. 🙂


The first few brushes which I am going to talk about are the ones from Real Techniques which are pretty affordable to get especially in the UK. They do a few different ranges of brushes which from their finishing collection (pink brushes), I love the setting brush for  setting under eye concealer mainly because it is the perfect size for the under eyes but the actual bristles of the brush feel so soft aswell.

Another brush which I love is from the duo fibre set and it is the powder brush (orange brushes) which hence the name I love using with powder to set my makeup and also bronzer because it doesn’t pick up too much product. The last brush which I love from the brand is the Sculpting Brush especially for foundation mainly because it buffs it in beautifully and it feels so soft on the skin but at the same time the brush itself isn’t too dense.


These next three brushes are from different places which the first one is the Benefit Bronzing and Contouring brush which I love for putting on my bronzer with hence the name haha. It feels so fluffy and soft which it is a bit like the fibre brush from real techniques which it doesn’t pick up too much product which I like because I don’t like to put on too much bronzer which this brush is perfect for.

The next brush is from Blank Canvas Cosmetics which I heard good things about their brushes from the YouTube channel, The Makeup Chair which Sinead raved about the F20 brush which she used for foundation and since purchasing the brush I have fell in love with it for using mineral foundation like the Bare Minerals which I love.

Anyway with this brush it is densely packed which is perfect for foundation as it allows you to buff it into the skin. The last brush is from Morphe which I got in their vegan brush set for Christmas last year and the brush is called the S13. With this brush I love using it for the likes of blush because it’s the perfect size for your cheeks but at the same time it feels so soft however I think this brush would also be good for contouring as well.


From the same Morphe Vegan set, I love the S27 which kind of looks like the Mac 217 brush however for highlighter, I love this brush so much it has been my holy grail brush for highlighting since I got it. Can I say the size of it is perfect which it is small and fluffy and it picks up the right amount of product which is good but also when applying the highlighter with the brush it blends it beautifully.

The next brush I got in a set from Amazon I believe the company is called Start Markers. All of the brushes had all bamboo handles and are vegan friendly which the concealer brush I love for buffing out concealer on any blemishes but also it is the perfect size to blend in under eye concealer which on the plus side the brush feels so soft and dense which makes it perfect for that.

Last but not least for to fill my eyebrows in with either a pomade or powder, I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush No 12.  It makes doing my eyebrows easier when I am using this brush and with it having a spooli on the other end it makes it so much easier when it comes to travelling which means that you don’t have to bring a separate spooli.

Thats all of my favourite brushes, let me know in the comments what your favourites are or if you have used these brushes before as I would love to know!



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