Lush Haul

Hello Everyone!

As I am writing this, my birthday is nearly over and I am a year older which I can’t class myself as a teen anymore at 20 haha. Anyway I had a party on Saturday with ones from work and my boyfriend which was pretty good but also I got a few bits from Lush for my birthday but also stuff I bought myself which I thought I would do a Lush Haul 


The first few bits are what I received as presents on my birthday which I got the Happy Daze gift set and it includes the comforter and brightside bubble bar along with the fizzbanger and the experimenter bath bombs. I have only tried the comforter bubble bar which smells of berries but it is so amazing to use in the bath which a little bit goes a long way with it. The last present I got was another bath bomb that is in the shape of a yellow submarine which is cute but also I believe it is a new one that’s out at the minute which I can’t wait to try all of these out.


The last few bits I purchased myself which first I got three more bath bombs, however two of them I had never seen before which are  the Metamorphosis (grey) and Over and Over (yellow/orange) before so I wanted to give them a go to see what they are like but also I really loved the smell of both of them so I can’t wait to try them. The twilight bath bomb is the other one I picked up which I must say has to be my  favourite bath bomb from there as it is suppose to be good to help you sleep at night with having lavender and other ingredients in it which help a lot.

I love Lush bath products however I had never tried any of their body lotions before which the girl who worked there recommended the Sleepy body lotion that has lavender and oatmeal infused in it which ties in with the Twilight bath bomb in helping with getting to sleep at night. Last but not least is a shower cream which is hasn’t been out for long, however the scent is what got me excited which is the same as the Comforter bubble bar that I love which I can’t wait to try.

That is everything in the haul, let me know if you have tried any of these products before and also what your favourite products are from lush as I would love to know 🙂

Gemma x



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