June Favourites 2017

Can’t believe we are half way through the year, the months have flown by which is crazy but also it feels like June hasn’t gone yet. Anyway I thought I would share with you all what I have been loving this month


Skincare wise I have rediscovered an oldie but goodie product which is the Embroylisse Laitcreme Concentrate, I used this moisturiser ages ago which I had stopped as I was trying different ones but I always come back to this one mainly because it is so hydrating but also acts as a good primer.

Another rediscovery this month has been the Bobby Brown Corrector in the shade Porcelain Bisque which since I started using it again, I have fell back in love with it as it is so creamy but also it helps counteract the darkness under my eyes.

Last makeup favourite has been the Benefit Hoola Contour Stick which I haven’t stopped using since I got it, the formula is so amazing and creamy which I love using it on days where I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but I want a little bit of something and since its summer it’s perfect to use.


Fashion favourites this month I have been loving this denim jacket which I got from Asos a while back which it has been a staple piece for me this month and for £40 the quality is pretty good. What I love about it is the details on it with the pockets at the front and also how comfy it is to wear which I got a size bigger in it as I wanted it to be loose fitting so I could wear a hoodie underneath for the autumn/winter time aswell.

Peanuts Vans

Next fashion piece are these Vans which I got around the start of the month that are from the Peanuts x Vans collection.  Previously when Vans have had collections out like Disney for example, they always sell out so quick so when I seen this collection and these shoes in particular I instantly fell in love with them. They are the most comfiest shoes to wear which I have been wearing them every single day but also the design is so cute which I love.


Last but not least I have been loving Pretty Little Liars which can I say the final episode was so surprising and I never expected what happened in the episode. It has been such a good series to watch and I am going to miss watching it, you get so attached to the characters but also the actors themselves you see how they’ve grown over the 7 years of the show.

That’s all of my favourites this month, let me know what have been your favourites this month and also what you thought of the finale of Pretty Little Liars as I would love to know

Gemma x


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